How do I know what the best fax machine for my business?

Everyone knows what fax machines and most people know that they have changed far over the past 20 years. Now they are made as a combination printer, photocopier, scanner. Some still use black thermal films, some use inkjet cartridges and now some now use a laser cartridge, plus you can now send colors and black.

Which is best to use? It depends on many different questions;

Question: I use a fax machine one to ten times a month and maybe make a copy of occasionally, what should I buy?

Answer: Honestly, they background check still make a thermal roll, very easy to use, fax machines that start around $ 75.00 each. The cartridge runs around $ 24.00 for brand names or around $ 17.00 generic and at your level using the machine you might get a value of about one year for one cartridge. When you buy a machine, it will include a startridge but it might only contain about half of the size of refill *. But be careful, because every fax you get or copy you make and rolls will rotate 11 inches, regardless of fax content

Question: my office sends best bmw VIN decoder and receives around 100 faxes every month some colors and we have a copier, do I need a laser fax machine to be able to accept color?

Answer: You might be able to use a color laser fax machine; But the inkjet fax machine will be much cheaper to buy. Ink is more expensive for the amount you get so that your fax costs will be higher. But they will produce quality color output faxes. You must hold on to the brand name cartridge until the engine is around 5 years **.

Question: I have a fast-paced office where the fax machine is used as a copier, the color is not a problem, but I buy inkjet cartridges every week.

Answer: Your answer is a monochrome laser fax machine. They are faster than the inkjet model and you will save in the long term on toner. They have dropped prices since the appearance of the color laser fax machine and because the color is not a problem you don’t need to buy a more expensive machine. You are most recommended to choose a model that has a high-capacity cartridge choice. After the warranty ends, you must at least try using a brand cartridge for further cost savings. Violent

QUESTION: My office is great, we have seventeen lawyers and their secretaries plus internships that constantly use fax machines for copies and faxes and always break down. What do I have to do?

Answer: Multifunction Machine Laser Color that you can network to all computers in your office is a possible answer but you are best served to negotiate your IT professionals and receive several quotes from professional office machines that not only sell, but how to provide services if There is a problem ****. You buy these machines because time is money and your office will increase productivity by more than 15% just by having the right engine and using it correctly.

* Each machine will come with a starter cartridge, which is usually about half of the size of refill. The best use of the starter cartridge is to continue and buy refills at the same time you buy a machine and load it instead, mark the starter as an emergency refill and put it in the nearest drawer. You must always order only one cartridge forward because you are never sure when you will improve, and you don’t want to be stuck with an additional cartridge. They are impossible to return after a long period of time.

** After about 5 years, most brand name manufacturers will sell their rights OEM (original merchandise equipment) to brand manufacturers for their cartridges, this lowers your prices but offers the same original quality. Inkjet refills famous for not working correctly in the first few years and this is because they are not OEM but refill recycling. Every time you buy brand merchandise, make sure they come with a money back guarantee. Other small instructions, large boxes use their