Testing your website to earn money for maximum efficiency: 5 essential elements

Just by creating a money making website and getting it online, you have now established an internet presence. People can now access your site from anywhere in the world simply by clicking a link or typing its address in their browser. This is great, but to make sure your website is performing at its best, you will need to keep testing and tweaking it for some time to reach maximum efficiency.
There are millions of “so-called” income generating and non-income generating websites on the Internet. They only carry the name, but they don’t play the game. If your site is one of those that doesn’t make money, then you need to get down to business and see why. Many times this is due to a few minor inconveniences that can be easily resolved by checking certain elements of your site.
Here are five (5) essential elements you can try to make sure your profitable website is running at peak efficiency:

(1). Test Your Headlines – Your headline is the most important element of your website. This will be the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your site, so it should be compelling and engaging enough to not only attract them, but also motivation tell them why they should buy from you, the top benefits, and encourage them to read more. Sometimes just making a few minor changes to the font color, highlighting, bold or underlining certain words can greatly improve their effectiveness.
(2). Test the price ranges – Test your prices to see which is the most effective. This does not mean that you should lower your price all the time. Many times people think that lowering your price will guarantee more sales, but it can work the other way around. Your visitors may think that your product is inferior because it is so cheap, so experiment with high and low prices to get a good balance.
(3). Test your site sales copy – Your sales letter is your online sales representative and can decide the success of your business. Special care must be taken to ensure that all important items are positioned correctly. Pay attention to highlighting certain points using different fonts, colors, bold or italics. Remember that your visitors will only scan your sales page, so you need to be careful to highlight the important points you want them to focus on, including profits.
(4). Test your bundle offer: If you are offering bonuses with your main product, check if these bonuses are relevant to your main product. The main purpose of your bonuses is to add more value to your main product, not compete with it. Don’t just collect a few bonuses without careful consideration – that will defeat the purpose. Remember that your visitors will make a purchasing decision based on what your product can do for them, so make sure your benefits are highlighted.
(5). Test your site design – Make sure your visitors can access every section of your site without any difficulty. pay attention to your site layout, navigation bar, subscription offer, and of course your call to action. Also make sure you don’t have too many flash images and graphics on your sales page. I have visited sites on occasions that are disorganized and do not have a flow to their operations, this can lead to significant losses in sales.
You are in business to make money and you want to know that your website is performing at its best all the time. The most effective way to ensure this is to constantly test and adjust, and also make sure to keep track of everything you do. Paying close attention to the five points above could help you achieve this, if you are willing to pay attention to them.